Working teams need to coordinate lots of meetings. Kronistic provides flexible, dynamic, automatic scheduling. FINALLY. Let's Kron a time.

Meet Kron, your personal AI scheduling assistant

Using Kronistic is easy.

  1. Ask Kron to schedule a meeting.
  2. Kron works with everyone’s calendars and pencils in a DRAFT meeting.
  3. Kron dynamically updates everyone’s calendar as new things come up.
  4. Kron finalizes the meeting time and lets everyone know the plan.

The more you schedule with Kronistic, the more flexibility Kron has. If your whole team is using Kronistic, Kron will do superhuman feats of scheduling magic!

Kronistic meetings are


Kron pencils in a draft time


Kron acts as plans change


No human attention required

Your calendar — your rules

Kron coordinates meetings. YOU are in charge of your time. Set different levels of availability for different people at different times.

Watch how to manage your Kronistic meeting availability from within Google calendar.

Your privacy is our priority

When you use Kron, there’s no need to share your calendar with anyone else. Say goodbye to awkward conversations with coworkers about scheduling around your personal life.

Like any excellent assistant, Kron treats your calendar with utmost discretion and respect. For more details, check out our Privacy Policy.

Stop playing calendar tetris and email tag.

You have better things to do with your time. Kron automatically schedules – and reschedules – your meetings so that you don’t have to. Get back to focusing on what matters. Join Kronistic today.