Kronistic for Administrative Assistants

An administrative assistant who manages calendars and scheduling

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! As we celebrate the work of administrative assistants, we want to talk about how Kronistic can support them in one of their core responsibilities: managing calendars and scheduling meetings.

At its core, Kronistic is a calendar scheduling tool that can give an administrative assistant superpowers. How? By combining the strengths of human expertise and artificial intelligence, Kronistic can handle the complex task of scheduling meetings in a way that frees up time for administrative assistants to focus on other important work.

How Kronistic empowers Administrative Assistants

🗓️ Human discretion & judgment + Kron’s scheduling algorithm = finding the perfect meeting times in mere moments.

Administrative assistants know which attendees are critical, the relative importance of meetings, and how much flexibility is appropriate for each situation. A solid understanding of these constraints is based on the human admin’s discretion, sound judgment, and relationships. A savvy admin can then offload the work that’s hardest for a person but easiest for a computer – solving the puzzle to find the best meeting time for everyone involved. 

◀️ ▶️ Kronistic makes rescheduling easy. 

Rescheduling can be a nightmare for people, but not for Kronistic. The administrative assistant simply makes sure the calendars are up-to-date and reflects reality, and Kron takes care of the rest. Kronistic reschedules automatically as soon as the admin adds new information to the calendar or meeting request. This can save administrative assistants hours of time and energy.

🙅🎭 Kronistic lowers the drama and politics of scheduling. 

An administrative assistant often has to delicately negotiate office politics and even pull personal favors just to get a meeting scheduled. With Kronistic, an objective and drama-free AI provides the schedule, ensuring that everyone’s constraints are honored equally.

Kronistic makes scheduling faster, freeing up human time.

Great administrative assistants do so much more than calendaring, but their ability to take on interesting, challenging, or creative projects is often hampered by the sheer amount of time needed to manage calendars. By automating the scheduling process, Kronistic frees up time for administrative assistants to focus on other important tasks.

Let’s celebrate administrative assistants and the tools that help make their lives a little bit easier.

There’s so much that human administrative assistants do that no app can replace. By partnering with Kronistic, administrative assistants can supercharge their calendaring skills, giving them more time to focus on everything else.

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