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Happy Mother’s Day! While this blog post may be a few days belated, the love and appreciation for mothers should be celebrated every day. 

As a mom of two with a hectic schedule, I understand the challenges of managing a busy calendar. Not only is my calendar chock full of school and extracurricular events, my schedule can change at any moment with a single phone call from either school. To wit, I am late posting this blog because my daughter caught a tummy bug.

When you’re juggling work, family, or personal commitments, keeping track of everyone’s schedule can be overwhelming. That’s why I want to share some personal tricks for how to use Kronistic to conquer a busy mom’s calendar.

💼 🏠 Make separate calendars for work and home, then sync both to Kronistic. 

Look, even when you are comfortable with your coworkers, there are things about your personal life that you might not want to share on your work calendar, from kindergarten graduations to orthodontist appointments. But even though you don’t want to put them on your work calendar, you still need to schedule your work commitments around them. 

I know lots of moms who are sharing more than they want to with their colleagues because losing privacy is the cost of coordinating calendars. Kronistic can fix this. When you sync both your personal and your work calendar with Kronistic, Kron will work around the constraints from your personal calendar. Like any excellent assistant, Kron has utmost discretion. None of your human coworkers will ever see what’s on your personal calendar. 

🚗 Use “if needed” availability to the beginning and end of your workday to protect the transitions between work and home.

If your daily routine includes picking up and/or dropping off kids, you know that you need flexibility for times when things don’t go as planned (which, if you’re anything like me, is basically every day). When you set the beginning and end of your work days as “available if needed,” you create space to absorb the chaos without closing the door entirely for work meetings at those times if it’s really the only time that works for others.

🛒Schedule errands in Kronistic

You have a zillion tasks and errands that need to happen but don’t require a specific time. Instead of rigid time blocks that can be disrupted, use Kronistic to create flexible reminders that will ping you when you actually have time. This shift from time blocking to flexible reminders has transformed my calendar into a to-do list that actually works. 

🧘Schedule self-care in Kronistic

Moms have heard it over and over: put on your own oxygen mask first. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Fill your cup. But, seriously, how do you find the time for self care when you’re so busy caring for everyone else? 

Stop putting the pressure to “find self-care time” on your to-do list. Let Kron find the time for you! Just like with errands, Kronistic can add flexible time blocks to your calendar that protect time for you. You can also ask Kron to coordinate happy hour with friends or a lunch date with your partner – Kron will find a time that works for everyone, even though you’re all busy. 

You deserve a mother’s calendar helper
For many moms, managing busy schedules is a constant challenge. And it’s hard. Kronistic can make it a little easier. I hope these Mother’s Day tricks help empower moms to take charge of their time all year round.

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