Kronistic for summer vacation

When you go on vacation, Kronistic automatically reschedules your meetings

Happy first day of summer! It’s time for sunshine, ice cream, school break, and maybe even a well-deserved vacation. 

Unfortunately, your vacation can cause a calendar crunch. Kronistic is here to kickstart your relaxation by making (re)scheduling a breeze.

Block your vacation days and Kronistic automatically reschedules your meetings
Step one: add your vacation to your calendar

📅 Let Kron handle the rescheduling

Add your out-of-office block to your calendar and Kronistic automatically starts rescheduling your meetings. Depending on the length of your vacation, Kron will either reschedule or cancel your meetings. If you’re only taking off a few days (long weekend at the beach, anyone?), Kron will scoot your meetings around to better times. If you’re gone for a week or more, Kron will simply unschedule the meeting. 

🫥 Set yourself as an optional attendee

For group meetings that should carry on without you, you can set yourself to optional, or remove yourself entirely. What’s the difference? Setting yourself to optional means that if Kron can find a time in the meeting window that you’re in the office, the meeting will move to that time.

⏳ Fine-tune your availability for the days just before and after your trip. 

Are you the kind of person who wants to squeeze in as many meetings as possible before you head out? Or are you looking for blocks of focus time to get some things checked off your list? Either way, Kron has you covered. Use different levels of “if needed” availability to make yourself exactly as (un)available for meetings as you need. 

🧳 Kron a time for your traveling to-dos 

Need to squeeze in some time to pack your things or research restaurants? Use Kronistic to add a floating, flexible block to your calendar so you remember to get it done!

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing – so go take that break! You deserve it. Leave the calendar wrangling to Kronistic. 

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