“My Availability” Feature Tells Kronistic When You’re Free to Meet

A man holds up a post-it that says "I am available." He would be better off with Kronistic's new My Availability tool, which lets you set different levels of availability at different times

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature: “My Availability.” This powerful, simple interface replaces our old model of managing @kron events to set availability in your Google calendar. Now, everything is at your fingertips directly in the Kronistic app.

Here’s what you need to know: 

1. Break out of the free/busy binary.

Unlike the traditional binary choice of “Free” or “Busy,” My Availability provides 6 levels of availability. Fine-tune exactly how free you want to be for meetings during different parts of your day and week. 

2. Set it and forget it.

Set up the availability pattern that suits your preferences for a typical week and then effortlessly copy it forward. Once you get it exactly how you like it, you can kick back and let Kronistic take it from there. You can always come back and tweak it later – or not!

3. Fine-tune specific dates.

A default weekly pattern is great, but sometimes you’re juggling unique constraints for the day (or week, or…). My Availability offers the flexibility to fine-tune specific dates as needed.

4. Your busy times are already synced.

My Availability is all about letting Kronistic know when you are willing to have meetings – but don’t worry, the system already knows when you are busy! Kronistic seamlessly pulls this information from your synced calendar. In My Availability, your busy events are displayed as gray blocks. Kronistic meetings are shown as yellow blocks. 

Do you have busy events on other calendars that aren’t showing up on My Availability? You can sync additional calendars in your Kronistic Profile.

5. Keep your availability private

The preferences you set on My Availability stays between you and Kronistic. Like any good assistant, Kron keeps this information entirely confidential. Pro tip: this is especially handy for times that you don’t want to block entirely but you’d really rather not meet. Personally, I keep my lunch hours and the final hour of the work day set to just-barely-available. Shh, don’t tell!

Kronistic’s My Availability tool empowers you to take control of your calendar.

Telling Kron when you’re free to meet has never been easier. My Availability streamlines the scheduling process, letting you set confidential and nuanced preferences in seconds. With this powerful control of your availability and Kronistic’s automatic, dynamic engine for (re)scheduling meetings, it’s never been easier to have a schedule that actually works for you.

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