There’s a better way to schedule graduate admissions interviews.

Let’s make scheduling interviews the easy part of admissions.

Is scheduling interviews one of your biggest admissions pain points? Is that really what your faculty or staff should be worried about while you are meeting with potential students?

Kronistic‘s dynamic, flexible approach to meetings can find times that work even for the busiest faculty’s calendar.

How does it work?

  1. Each faculty can use Kron in the way that works best for them. Faculty and other interviewers can sync their calendars directly, or authorize staff to manage it for them.
  2. Admissions staff can manage the entire process in one place. Staff can set up interviews in batches, then update on the fly as needed. Interviewers and candidates have complete access to their own schedules only, which maintains privacy without creating a communication bottleneck.
  3. Inviting candidates happens automatically. When you add a candidates’ email to a meeting, Kron automatically sends them an email with instructions for next steps. In a few clicks, the candidate submits their availability and the meetings are scheduled.
  4. Kron does the calendar tetris to find a schedule that works. Faculty are busy. Candidates have other interviews and obligations. Virtual interviews add time zone conversions. Let Kron manage all this data at superhuman speed and find times that actually work.
  5. Kron automatically reschedules as needed. The first schedule Kron generates will be a DRAFT. You decide how far in advance to set the meetings in stone.

Graduate admissions is in our roots.

Wrestling with admissions interviews is what inspired Kronistic cofounders Emily and Noah to create Kronistic in the first place! We know how challenging scheduling for faculty and candidates is. We know that you need a solution that fits with your particular department’s process. We know why the other scheduling tools don’t quite work for what you need.

Let us handle the interview itinerary so you can focus on what really matters: connecting with candidates.