Product and pricing

Automatically schedule flexible meetings for any number of people, any time.

Key Features

Meetings of any size

Schedule personal tasks, 1:1 appointments, team meetings, or group events. Is there someone who it would be nice to have at the meeting, but you don’t want to postpone the meeting to accommodate their schedule? Set them to optional and Kron will know what to do.


Your network includes different groups that you meet with for different reasons. Use the Groups feature to tell Kron about these nodes in your network. Then, you can invite whole Groups to meetings, and set different levels of availability for different Groups at different times. Perfect for users who want to Kron both personal and professional meetings!

Automatic rescheduling

Whenever any required attendee updates their calendar, Kron checks to make sure that the DRAFT meeting times still work. If there are conflicts, the system updates the meeting to a new time. Within minutes, everyone’s calendars are updated. No fuss, no negotiation, no nonsense.

Robust “if needed” availability

In real life, you’re not just “busy” or “available.” Kron empowers you to set aside different times for different groups of people. You can also let Kron know that you’re only available for some blocks “if needed” or “if really needed” or even “if super duper absolutely needed.” Your calendar, your rules.